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Double eyelid surgery Seoul Korea
Surgery Double eyelid surgery Seoul Korea

Things to consider about eyelid surgery

The stress of modern day lifestyle can cause harmful effects to our body. Many people follow schedules where they get minimal hours of sleep the effects of which slowly start showing on them. One such effect is the sagging or bags being formed below the eyes. To get rid of such a problem and to give your eyes beautiful new looks people opt for eyelid surgery. If you are also considering getting a double eyelid surgery in Korea here are the top things you need to keep in mind.

• Most doctors who undergo such surgeries advise their patients against eating aspirin and other such medications which can harm the body. Smoking is also something that you may have to give up if you are looking at an eye surgery. One attendant or person should always be there by your side to assist you in the case of any trouble. This is to avoid any kind of inconvenience that you might have to face after the surgery.

• You might face effects like swelling in the eyes or pain or itching after the operation. Normally the doctor would let you know which symptoms are actually causes of concern. In case you also suffer from any of them you might have to ask for some external help. Also, you should tell the doctor if you are prone to any allergies. This would help him in making his choice of medications accordingly.

• Before opting for the surgery ask the doctor how long the swelling will take to subside. Normally it takes few weeks’ time to go, however, the incisions may still remain. Going out in the sun during this time can also cause these scars to darken. Hence it is advisable to wear a sun block cream to combat the effects of the sun.

• If you have to go out and want to hide the scars then you can use an appropriate foundation to do so. Look for one which truly matches the color of your skin and helps to conceal the effect of the surgery. At times the scar do not ease off easily. In that case, you might have to consult your doctor to know if any additional treatment is needed. He might suggest you some good treatments to get the same done.

• Don’t hurry with the first doctor you meet for this operation. Always ask for his specialization and what kind of operations he has done so far. It is always possible that he might furnish wrong proofs of his ability to do the treatment well. Therefore asking him for proofs of the same would help you in knowing whether you are making the right choice.

There are many plastic surgery clinics in Korea but only a few of them provide quality service. We have been handling eyelid surgery in Korea since a very long time and have proofs of the same too. If you also are looking for plastic surgery in Seoul then contacting us would relieve you of any burden that you have about its execution.