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Facelift aesthetic Ptosis surgery Korea
Surgery Facelift aesthetic Ptosis surgery Korea

What to expect after a facelift surgery

Who does not want to look beautiful ? However, the stress of work and signs of aging quickly start depleting the inner beauty of our face. This leads us to look for surgical options to get the freshness back. While Ptosis surgery works when we are looking at a problem like droopy eyes facelift surgery is a method we can use to gain the beauty that is lost. Let us have an idea of what that procedure is and what happens when we get the same done.

• Don’t expect immediate results from any kind of face surgery. If you are expecting instant beauty then you are in for a rude shock. Be patient it may take some time before your face regains the lost beauty. Also, each surgery comes with its share of side effects hence if you see bruising and swelling don’t panic about it. Mostly your surgeon would give you a brief idea of all that you can expect from the surgery.

• Initially, one thing that would keep bothering you is the swelling on the face. Take all the medications as have been advised by your doctor. Apart from that keep your head at an elevation whenever you lie down to rest. Though most people sleep in that form only it is not so much of a discomfort. In case you are facing problems in doing that you can opt for sleeping on a rocking chair for the time being.

• Just immediately after the facelift, your face may be bandaged completely. You might find it disturbing and would want to get rid of them, however, understand that it is all part of the healing process. It may not be very comfortable for you to endure this hence it is better to be prepared for it. If you maintain an even pressure on your face then the scars heal quickly hence the need to keep the bandaged tied up. Consult your doctor as to when these bandages would be replaced or removed.

• Facelift surgery is a huge change for the body hence it will take the time to adapt to it. This may take months as slowly the swelling and discomfort go away. You may keep feeling an unusual tightness and numbness for a long time after the surgery and that would be perfectly normal. Get used to that feeling as it may only be some time before they vanish completely.

Facelift surgery is one sure shot way to again being a gorgeous you. Korean plastic surgery before and after examples show how a woman can get back her lost glory by adopting these methods. If you are also looking to get Facelift surgery in Korea then we can be trusted to do the same for you. We are a reputed clinic which also provides services like aesthetic surgery in Korea. Call or email us for a consultation so that we can show the difference our treatment can bring to your looks and the future life.