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non-surgical facelift south korea plastic surgery
Surgery non-surgical facelift south korea plastic surgery

Basics of facelift surgery

As we grow up so does our skin. The impact of sun exposure leads to our skin facing aging problems like wrinkles on the face, skin, and neck. If you are also among those who are very conscious of your appearance then a Korean plastic surgery procedure can be a suitable option for you. Also known as facelift surgery let us have a look at how it works.

The main aim of this surgery is to grant a fresh and young look to the patients face. Our face is made up of muscle, skin, bone and facial tissues. After an age, these muscles start to droop causing wrinkles on our skin. The cells are not renewed as fast as they should and within some time the skin starts showing visible signs of deterioration.

This procedure is effective in improving sagging areas of the face but this treatment also has its limitations. Normally the facelift surgery helps in removing wrinkles to a large extent but some people have had to face disappointments too. Those people who have wrinkles in the upper and lower lips or the forehead region claim that their wrinkles have not disappeared. This is because the treatment may not be effective in such special areas.

Normally the plastic surgery is performed under light general anesthesia. Once the procedure starts it normally takes 2- 5 hours to fully get completed. Generally, if you undergo the treatment you might have to stay in the hospital for a night. This is just to take care that if there is any kind of complication that can be resolved there itself.

During the surgery, incisions would be made along your hairline just towards the temple. They are then continued towards the back of the ear just along the hairline again. The surgeon with his skillful hands then reshapes your face to the way you want it to be. After this, he would place the skin back on your face making it perfect and proper.

He also removes the excess skin and fat found on your face and makes it supple and soft. While doing so the surgeon needs to be very careful so as to not make any wrong incision or cut during this time. In the end, the surgeon stitches your face up so as to remove any signs of surgery that can be seen.

hough non-surgical facelifts are also a prominent method to make your skin look young plastic surgery is a sure shot method to achieve good results. They not only remove all the signs of aging but would also make you feel like a totally new person altogether.

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