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upper lower eyelid Blepharoplasty id-bk plastic surgery
Surgery upper lower eyelid Blepharoplasty id-bk plastic surgery

Questions to ask about Lower eyelid surgery

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive yet useful parts of the body. Sometimes due to stress or erratic sleep hours, we start getting bags under our eyes. This leads to a very harmful effect on our appearance and we look for ways to solve this problem. Though surgery proves helpful the lower eyelid blepharoplasty is still a treatment which needs to be elaborately dealt with. Here are some questions you need to ask your doctor before opting for the same.

  • Types of incisions- There can be various ways to reach out to your eyelid. Some incisions are made from the inside and are not visible but some are made below the lash line and can be seen for some time. You can ask your surgeon what kind of approach he would use to get your surgery done.

  • Status of the lower eyelid- Sometimes our lower eyelid is loose and you need to ask the surgeon to find out whether that is true. If your eyelid is not tight there are chances that it might become looser after surgery causing dry eyes and eye exposure. Upper eyelid surgery is simpler compared to lower one and hence you need to be doubly sure about it.

  • The impact of the surgery- People who opt for lower eyelid surgery are those who have fat deposits around the eyeball and that has now moved on to be visible outside. For some patients, these bags move on to being on the cheeks. In that case, the lower eyelid surgery would not be of much help.
    Apart from that, a loss of pigment leads to discolouration of the skin. You need to ask your doctor if this operation would fix that problem too. Usually, these dark circles are due to shadows of the fat deposits however this could also be due to pigment problem. You would have to get this rectified at the time of the surgery so that this problem does not bother you again.

  • Recovery time- There is a certain time that is needed for each patient to become its normal self. Though each patient has to face this differently but mostly bruising, swelling and bleeding delay the recovery time for each. You may have to question your surgeon in how much time you can resume normal activities. Since each kind of surgery has a different recovery time it would be better if you clarified this early on itself.

Lower eyelid surgery relieves you of the painful bags you have under your eyes thus enhancing your appearance. It is advisable to research each one of your options well before taking the plunge. If you are looking to get your eyelid surgery done in Korea you can trust ID plastic surgery and BK plastic surgery for the same. Their trusted reputation has made sure that people who get their surgeries done here remain satisfied with the way it is handled. Not only will they guide you about the intricacies of the treatment the manner in which they conduct the operation would ensure that you get on the path to recovery soon enough.